Children’s Activities

There will be special thrills for younger visitors at Living History Day at a children’s area, where they will receive a free passport to the 1930s that provides access to games popular in the 1930s such as croquet, pick up sticks and jacks. Children will make old-fashioned arts and crafts such as paintings of the lodge and pine-cone bird feeders to take home as souvenirs. Children can also pose for photographs in 1930s costumes or compete in the watermelon-spitting contest.

Activities are described below.

Lawn croquet for kids

Art Projects

Create your own bird from cardboard, feathers, pipe cleaners, paper clips, corks, and natural items such as pine cones and pine needles.

Nature Activities

Learn how to analyze sand, the tornado in a bottle, and the different trees in the area.

Old Time Games

Pick up a mallet and play croquet, or try your hand at pick-up-sticks or jacks. Have fun 1930s style.

Artistic Touch

Do you like to color? Here is an original drawing of the mansion for you to color and keep as a souvenir.

Fashion Scene

Who doesn’t like to dress up in costumes?  Pick out your favorite 1930’s outfit and pose for a photograph.


Today it’s okay to spit out the watermelon seeds. Everyone is a winner because it’s tasty and refreshing. Watch the events board for fun activities for the kids.